How We Can Help Patients and Families


Our clinicians treat patients on both a temporary and permanent basis. We provide individualized in-home care for patients who suffer from advanced illness or significant mobility issues. Our typical patients are frail Seniors who lack access to regular medical care.

A team of physicians and  mid-level clinicians provides onsite care at regular intervals, based on clinical need. In the interim between visits, our office staff is available to answer any questions or concerns, schedule urgent visits, refill medications, and coordinate other needed clinical services.

Patients and families who wish to utilize our online portal, are given secure User IDs and passwords, enabling them to access the Portal to schedule appointments, ask questions, and view personal and private documents including lab and diagnostic test results.  


Please contact our office (800) 964-4364 to find out if you or your loved one qualifies for our services. You may also follow this link if you wish to submit a contact form.

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Who Qualifies for Housecalls


Medicare covers housecalls for individuals who have difficulty leaving their home to access medical care without a “significant or taxing effort”. Medicare patients are qualified for housecalls if they have deficiencies in one or more of the following areas:

      • Difficulty walking
      • Dependence on a wheelchair or walker to ambulate
      • Dependence on oxygen or difficulty walking due to shortness of breath
      • Dementia or confusion making it difficult to see a physician in an office

Additionally, housecalls are indicated for Seniors who need assistance with three or more of the following Activities of Daily Living:

      • Bathing
      • Toileting
      • Continence
      • Dressing
      • Feeding
      • Transferring/Ambulation