Proprietary technologies


Proprietary technologies that identify high cost / access challenged populations, guiding specific care protocols to enhance both outcomes and resource efficiency 

Search and Rescue



Stratier™ ‘SR’ Search and Rescue is a program to identify a unique subset of patients who would benefit from residentialist care. Using Proprietary algorithms that go beyond searching for high-cost patients, Stratier™ SR identifies the top tier of  high-risk / high-value  access-challenged patients who would truly benefit from residentialist care and maximize ROI for these services

Stratier™ CareGuide

Stratier™ CareGuide program, developed by TRG, takes data inputs and risk stratifies managed patients over the course of their care. Using inputs from all care teams involved with the care of patients, Stratier™ continuously monitors and adjusts patients’ risk for utilization of high-cost services yielding positive impact on utilization

Stratier™ D'PRE

The Stratier™ D’PRE program is a Dynamic Predictive Resource Engine that works in conjunction with Stratier™ to orchestrate patient engagement and program type and frequency of care interventions. Data transfer from Stratier™  is integrated with patient needs, external client rules, and clinician profiles to optimize active care scheduling and resource utilization

Stratier™ Products

All Stratier products are services that can be a single use or multi-use subscription model . 

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