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Our mission is to transform in-home clinical care, improving access, continuity, quality of life, and outcomes for older Americans, bringing care to where it is needed most.
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How We're Different

We Accept Most Insurance

If you are a qualifying Medicare patient, our services are covered under your Medicare benefit. If you are in a Medicare Advantage HMO, we work with a number of plans and medical groups. If you want to know if our services are covered,  just call us and ask! 

Quick Response

Our care team and clinicians work fast for our patients. Questions, concerns, and health changes are communicated right away to the clinician. If needed, our clinicians can be scheduled and at our doorstep within 3 business days for a regular visit or within 48 hours for urgent visits.

Avoid Unnecessary Trips to the ER

By providing regular access to care, we are able to manage complex illnesses and reduce the risk of significant complications that are unique to our population.

We Treat The Whole Patient

Not only do we treat medical issues, we also focus on other social and environmental issues that affect the health and well-being of our patients.

Manage Care Through All Stages

We stay involved from post-acute care management to ongoing chronic/primary care. We collaborate with other in-home providers such as home health, physical therapy, palliative care and hospice.

No Long wait times

There is no need for long wait times to make an appointment. We provide timely and convenient medical care to our patients when they need it. We have clinicians on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our Patients

How You Qualify

What Insurance Do You Accept?

Housecall Doctors Medical Group is the only independent housecall company committed to serving both straight Medicare patients and patients on Medicare Advantage plans.

We also accept most major providers. If you have any questions regarding insurance, please call us!

How Does it Work?

Our patients are seen on a scheduled basis, usually once every 4-6 weeks or more / less depending on need.

We oversee your medical care on an ongoing basis, rather than just a few visits.

Do I Qualify?

We care for Patients who are considered frail, temporarily or permanently homebound, and/or high risk for medical issues.

There are additional factors, such as difficulty walking or completing some activities of daily living. If you have any questions or wonder if we are right for you, please call our office.

Areas Of Coverage

We cover Los Angeles County, Orange County, Riverside County, and are rapidly expanding!

If you are located near or around one of those areas – please reach out!

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About Housecall Doctors

We Have The Experience To Meet Your Needs

Since 2002, our team of 30+ Board-Certified clinicians have provided comprehensive in-home medical care in Southern California. Our clinicians and staff are caring and committed with a firm understanding of the unique health issues of older, access- and mobility-challenged patients.

We are fully committed to providing high-quality medical care in the home setting. Unlike many doctors who provide home visits on a case by case basis, we are highly experienced in overcoming the challenges of providing ongoing medical care in the home.

We have the office support & logistics technology to be able to accommodate urgent visits when needed. We support our patients with an office staff of 50+ employees, including nurses, LVN’s, medical assistants, and a clinical field based team of 30+ clinicians providing housecalls on a daily basis.

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For Medical Groups & Health Plans

Let Us Help Your Healthcare Organization

Housecall Doctors provides top quality in-home care solutions for your high risk patients. We can help you and your patients prevent unnecessary and expensive trips to the hospital, and our StarPlus care model offers both active treatment and high quality Coding and Star ratings enhancement.

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Communication tool that is 100%

To better serve our clients and care partners, Housecall Doctors Medical Group has created a quick & easy way to communicate direct with your care team- without the risk of breaching patient confidentiality.

The ResLink tool is accessible with any computer or smartphone by downloading the free smartphone app. is ResLink gives you and your team the ability to send and received messages that are 100% HIPAA Compliant

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