We Can Help With Your Patient’s Care

Frail elderly patients often have significant difficulty leaving their home and traveling to a physician office. As a result, these patients rarely see their primary care physician, yet continue to require physician clinical support, prescription refills, ancillary services, and home health orders.

Access-challenged patients place physicians in a difficult position. The physician is unable to provide a good faith examination, yet bears the risk and cost of providing support to a patient that is rarely seen.

At Housecall Doctors, our Residentialist clinicians offer the ideal solution to these gaps in care.  We provide in-home visits to manage existing problems, evaluate new issues, refill prescriptions, order tests, and coordinate care with other providers. We treat patients on both a temporary and permanent basis. We share clinical documentation with office-based physicians so that they can reassure the patient and family that they are aware of issues, and track the patient’s progress. When patients are able to resume care in the office-based setting, we facilitate transition back to outpatient PCP.

Please contact our offices to learn more about how Housecall Doctors can assist you in the care of your homebound patients.