Wellness Visits

Wellness and Risk-Adjusted Coding Services

Organizations at risk for costs of care face significant challenges in appropriate documentation of clinical conditions and co-morbidities. Due to variability in patient compliance and clinician documentation expertise. Senior populations do not receive initial capture  and annual reaffirmation of appropriate risk-adjusted codes. A number of factors also affect consistency of Wellness Screening, patient counseling, and patient compliance with  wellness recommendations, with resulting adverse impact on STAR ratings.

Housecall Doctors Medical Group has extensive background and expertise in providing HCC documentation and Wellness services to Senior populations. Our field-based clinical team, supported by in-office Coding review and Quality Control teams, provide clients with comprehensive, fully-compliant documentation to support HCC reporting requirements and Star Ratings criteria. Additionally, the assessment tool is structured into a consultative format to be of high-value for Case Management and Care Coordination as well as a valuable education resource for the patient. Our return on investments for these services has been significant for clients.

For patients with significant risks for poor compliance with Wellness recommendations, we offer follow-up visits to reinforce Wellness recommendations, and facilitate improved patient compliance. Our wellness services are more than a wellness visit, They are  an integral part of patient care.